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Root Canal

When the infection of the tooth reaches the pulp and vital soft tissues inside the tooth, the root canal is done to preserve the tooth. The infection can happen due to a variety of reasons like improper oral hygiene, improper diet or because of food lodgement in the teeth. If the infection increases, it may cause pain, tooth discoloration or loss of teeth mass. 


The root canal procedure involves the removal of the diseased tissue and replacement of the root canal space with permanent material like gutta-percha. It is effective in saving the infection from spreading further. With the use of various surgical instruments, the infected/inflamed tissue is x-rayed and removed. Anesthesia is given to make the procedure painless and non-invasive. Space is then sterilized and sealed with a non-conductive thermoplastic material. Once the crown is replaced, the tooth can be used like any other and may even last a lifetime with proper care. The procedure can be completed in two or three seating, depending on the case and patient convenience.


Echocardiography $250
Implantable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) $450
Treadmill stress testing $200
Transoesophageal echocardiogram (TOE) $350
Pacemaker checks $280


I appreciate all of your kindness and world class care you provided.
Susan Jones — Heuston, Texas