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Wisdom Tooth

Wisdom teeth are the last appearing teeth in the jaw, usually visible around the age of 18 -25 yrs. Their eruption can be painful, irritating and may cause general illness. When the wisdom tooth does not erupt in the required position, it may cause mal-alignment of the other present teeth, may even invade the bone or injure the surrounding soft tissues of the tooth. Partially erupting wisdom tooth opens the way for bacterial infections and food lodgement. The most common treatment for wisdom tooth is surgical extraction. 


Often, the dentist may also recommend an X-Ray to scan and remove the wisdom tooth before it erupts to avoid further complications. The ease with which the tooth can be extracted depends on the stage and the position of tooth development. Sometimes the tooth is removed in small sections rather than at once to minimize the bone extraction. The removal of a wisdom tooth is not a daunting task and can easily be healed in 7 days with proper care.


I appreciate all of your kindness and world class care you provided.
Susan Jones — Heuston, Texas